Special Events

The balloon can appear at major events such as auto races, airshows, sporting events, etc. By choosing an event who’s demographics match that of your target audience, you can achieve major ex-posure since the balloon will stand out from the activities the spectators are expecting to see. 


Event Management:

In addition to operating commercial contracts Uplifting Adventures, LLC also offers event management services. Uplifting brings years of experience and professionalism to every aspect of operating an event from the planning phase to carrying out the event. Small one night glow events to add to an existing city event or stand alone balloon festivals. The event staff with Uplifting Adventures is the only company in the world to ever organize an indoor balloon glow of 40 balloons. 
Balloon festival or balloon event development and organization is another specialty of ours. We are capable of designing and managing scalable balloon festivals, races, glows, special shaped Hot Air Balloons and sponsored events. We will be happy to discuss your plans for such an event and assist you in making it a reality. 
Organizing a balloon event can be overwhelming and filled with unknowns. We can help answer any ques-tions you may have and explore what type of balloon event will work best for your needs and your areas. 

Special Shape Balloons


Annie The Lady bug

"BOB" The Lighthouse