Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Upright Cover




I belief it is safe to say that at some point during our lives, we will all be impacted in some form of breast cancer…. wheater it directly affects us, a family member, friend, we have become all too familiar with the stress that the “C” word can bring.  This time, it has reared its ugly head in our ballooning community.  Tania Sneed, wife of Pilot, Josh Sneed, was recently diagnosed with Stage 1B.  She has a plan in place and is ready for a fight.  We want to stand there with this family and love them through this, the way that we do…. through support!


The upright covers have been created for breast cancer awareness and support.  We are asking $50.00 per upright cover.   All proceeds of this sale will go directly to Josh and Tania.


Please join us in making this long journey as easy for them as possible.  When you are faced with an illness, financial burdens should be at the bottom of your list of worries.